Cabinet takes action to reduce jam in Gashuunsukhait

During its regular meeting on November 29, the Cabinet decided to take some regulatory measures to solve the border jam issue in coal transportation.

Until the passing capacity at the Gashuunsukhait (Mongolia) – Gants Mod (China) border crossing increases, coal will be temporarily transported from Tavan Tolgoi mine to Tsagaan Khad customs inspection area in Khanbogd soum, Umnugobi and from the Tsagaan Khad area to Gashuunsukhait border crossing.

Governor of Umnugobi aimag was assigned to take actions to reduce the environmental impact of the coal transportation between Tsagaan Khad and Gashuunsukhait using local dirt road and coal loading and unloading at the customs inspection area.

Fund for intensification of the operations of the Tsagaan Khad customs inspection area and purchase of modern technology and inspection equipment at the Gashuunsukhait border crossing will be allocated from the Government reserve fund and generated from additional sources.

The Cabinet instructed corresponding agencies and provincial Governors to inspect and monitor the activities of businesses and entities engaging in coal transport and at the customs inspection area, and their compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

The number of coal trucks passing the border on daily basis was 1,200-1,500 until July, 2017, since when it was reduced to 500-600. Caused by this, the 239 km road connecting Tavan Tolgoi mine with Gashuunsukhait border crossing has been overloaded, creating a 140-km-long queue of coal trucks.

The Cabinet’s decision comes after a working visit to Gashuunsukhait border crossing by Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry and Minister of Road and Transport Development, who then drafted a proposal of the temporary solution.


November 30, 2017
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