Mining product export makes up 78.8 per cent of gross export

Every month, the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry calls regular press conference titled ‘Transparent and accountable mining’, at which policy, activity and objective of the sector are openly publicized to public. As usual, Mining and Heavy Industry Minister D.Sumiyabazar made this month’s press conference on December 12 to inform about mining sector’s review on 11 months of 2017.

Over the 11 months of 2017, the sector accumulated MNT1,416 trillion to the state budget with nine types of taxes, fees and royalties. It shows an increase of MNT764 billion or two-fold against the same period of previous year.

In the past ten months, mining and extractive industries produced 40 million tons of coal, 1 million ton of copper concentrate, 17.4 tons of gold, 4.7 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrate, 6.7 million tons of iron ore, 3 million tons of iron ore concentrate, 104 thousand tons of fluorspar, 17 thousand tons of spar concentrate and 69 thousand tons of zinc concentrate.

Moreover, the export of mining products made up 78.8 percent of the country’s gross export.

As of December 11, 2017, 7.14 million barrel or 968 thousand tons of crude oil were extracted, of which 7.06 million barrel or 960 thousand tons of crude oil were exported, accumulating MNT178.7 billion to the state budget.

Within the framework of IMF Extended Fund Facility, it was decided to increase rates of excise duties on petroleum and diesel fuel stage by stage in July and October of 2017. With its resolution dated November 15, 2017, the Government decided to increase the excise duty on petroleum with up to 90 octane, which will be imported through Sukhbaatar, Zamyn-Uud and Ereentsav border checkpoints, by MNT30,000 per ton, the duty on petroleum with 90 octane and higher by MNT50,000 per ton and the duty on diesel fuel by MNT100,000 per ton. The resolution came into force from November 30.
As of December 5, Mongolia had a 38-day reserve of oil products for domestic need.


December 14, 2017
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