Agriculture exports reach 1.1 billion USD in 2017

Agriculture exports have so far totaled 1.1 billion USD in 2017. Meat exports make up the majority of export products with 24,000 tons of meat exported in 2017, valued at 108 billion MNT.

Specialists note that increasing meat exports are linked to the number of new meat processing factories that opened in 2017. Ninety percent of the exported meat was horse meat. Due to the spread of infectious livestock diseases, exports of mutton and beef were lower than expected in 2017.

The Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association reports that wool and cashmere companies saw revenue surpluses in 2017. Cashmere companies produced 800 billion MNT in brushed cashmere and exported 70 percent of their products.

Within the past year, 20 new wool and cashmere factories have opened and Gobi Cashmere opened six new branches overseas.

In 2017, the nation’s wheat harvest was 50 percent less than it was in 2016, and 225,000 tons of Russian wheat is being imported.


December 22, 2017
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