Mongolia exports 33.320.3 thousand tons of coal in 2017

A monthly press conference ‘Transparent and responsible mining’ was organized by Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry on January 11.

In 2017, Mongolia processed about 1.2 million copper concrete, 20 thousand tons of gold and 7.2 million iron ore. As of preliminary report of December 2017, total production of industrial sector reached MNT 11.8 trillion and it showed increase of 33.7 percent or MNT 3 trillion compared to the same time of last year. 47.567.3 thousand tons of coal was extracted and 40.728.63 thousand tons of coal sold, of which 33.320.3 thousand tons exported. It means coal extraction was increased by 135.53 percent, sale by 120.39 percent and export by 129.1 percent compared to the same time of last year.

Minister D.Sumiyabazar emphasized “Within the framework of ‘Gold 2’ campaign, we planned to extract 18 tons of gold in 2017 and we have overfulfilled the basic task of the program, extracting 20.01 tons of gold.”


January 12, 2018
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