On 8th February 2018, FRC approved the all revised MSE’s Rules which approved by the MSE Board of Directors on 25th January 2018. The notable changes on the revised ‘Listing Rules’, ’Trading Rule’ and ‘Rules on Index calculation’ as follows:

  • Dual listing criteria and requirements are updated in ‘Listing Rules’ of MSE.
  • The TOP-20 index calculation to include more restrict free-float requirements and Indexes on I and II board of listed companies to be calculated additionally within frame of the ‘MSE Index calculation rules’.
  • Closing price to be calculated as a weighted average of trades within the last hour prior to trading close and introduced new types of orders on ’Trading Rules’ of MSE.

Revised rules will be effective starting from 19th February 2018 and TOP20 index basket will be renewed accordingly while indexes on I and II boards will be calculated from day of 2nd January 2018.

Source: Mongolian Stock Exchange

February 12, 2018
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