Marketinfo: Sales revenue of 100 MSE-registered companies rose by 38.6 percent

Marketinfo announces that the sales revenue of 100 MSE trade companies increased by 38.6 percent in 2017 according to consolidated estimates of their financial results. Last year, sales revenue of these companies reached MNT1.47 trillion in total. Majority of the revenue growth was composed by the companies that are listed in the Top 20 index basket. Out of those, sales revenue of Tavantolgoi LLC had the highest growth. The company earned a total of MNT 427.9 billion in 2017, which is 142.4 percent or MNT 251.4 billion higher compared to 2016 numbers. Performance reports demonstrate that 59 percent of the 100 companies involved in the survey showed positive numbers, totalling MNT 269.9 billion, a 81.4 percent increase compared to 2016. As for the remaining 41 percent, the total loss reached MNT 13.5 billion, reported Marketinfo.


March 22, 2018
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