Statement by the IMF Mission on the Fifth Review of Mongolia’s Extended Fund Facility

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Mr. Geoff Gottlieb visited Ulaanbaatar from July 25 to August 6, 2018 to conduct discussions on the fifth review of the three-year Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangement approved on May 24, 2017, in an amount equivalent to SDR314.5054 million, or about US$434.3 million [1] (see Press Release No. 17/193).

The discussions focused on the implementation of the Fund supported program, the medium-term outlook, and policies and structural reforms needed for debt sustainability, the rehabilitation of the financial system, and high-quality growth while protecting the poor.

At the conclusion of the visit, Mr. Gottlieb made the following statement:

“The mission held productive discussions with the authorities on the policies needed to complete the fifth review under the EFF arrangement. Recent macroeconomic performance has been strong with key targets met and growth is reviving although significant vulnerabilities remain.

“Good progress has been made especially regarding structural reforms and policies to rehabilitate and strengthen the financial sector. Discussions including on the macroeconomic policy mix will continue in the near future.

“The team thanks the authorities for their cooperation, constructive dialogue, and hospitality during its stay in Mongolia.”

Source: International Monetary Fund

August 10, 2018
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