How to order of the Ard Credit’s stock

Step 1: Check to securities account

Log in with this link click here and enter your registration number.

Step 2: Open a commercial account

If you do not have a securities account in your name, you will go to a brokerage company listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange.

Step 3: Put money

In the securities account, the cash amount shall be placed together with the commercial fee.

Account name: Name of customer
Account number: **** **** ****(take from brokerage)
Name of Bank: Commercial settlement
Transaction mean: Register number, Phone number, Ard IPO

Step 4: Ordering

Order with a listed brokerage of mongolian stock exchange or Ard app, Tunamal app.

Order stock:
price of per stock: 70-85₮ (can be order by market value)
Pee: 1%

The primary market order of orders is from February 18 to March 1.

For more information, please contact:
Basic underwriter: Ard capital
Address: 1003, City Center, 8th khoroo,
Sukhbaatar district
Contact phone: +976-77310262
E-mail address:

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