Ard Capital group LLC is a leading Mongolian securities company founded in 2007 with the goal of offering a wide range of investment banking services including brokerage, dealing, underwriting, IPO, private placement and investment consultancy. Ard Capital group LLC is licensed by the Mongolian Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC), and is a member of the Mongolian Stock Exchange and the Mongolian Association of Securities dealers- self regulatory organization.
We provide up-to-date financial services for our clients in accordance to international standards of transparency, assistance to local companies in raising capital from around the world as well as advice on the development of proper investor relations. Moreover, we produce customized research and analysis on capital markets and business financials, as well as customized solutions designed to help our clients reach their goals.
Ard Capital acts as a broker to all international markets as well the Mongolian market. We trade equities on main international exchanges such as HKEX, LSE, ASX and NYSE on a real-time basis.


Offer the highest levels of professionalism & integrity.


Offer innovative and quality products and services for our clients.


Maintain a reputation for trustworthiness and transparency.


To establish long term partnerships with our clients

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