Warm greetings to all our stakeholders!

We are fully committed to creating a greater value for our clients wealth by building and managing a deep sense of trust with our clients and partners, both in domestic and international markets. We strongly believe that the satisfaction of each client is a valuable success for our company.

The rapid development of Mongolian industrial sectors has brought great demand for reviving capital market. As the economy grows, we need more capital to fuel growth and expansion and furthermore to develop a reliable, more sophisticated capital market for long-term prosperity. Therefore, our current goal is to assist Mongolian companies to create greater liquid and diverse capital to increase industry power that can lead to greater economic development.
We are a truly enthusiastic team; devoted to introducing and executing new cutting edge financial services similar to that of developed countries within the securities market of Mongolia. We care about every single increment of your wealth and enjoy working together with you towards mutual benefits.
We welcome everyone who is seeking a reliable and resourceful financial partner!

Ulziibayar Bold, CEO

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