We provide two types of accounts for trading domestically and internationally.

1. A letter of Request to open an account – this letter should be addressed to the Mongolian Central Securities Depository.
2. Authorization letter - Board’s letter authorizing a certain individual to act on behalf of the company in connection with securities transactions.
3. Account Opening Form
4. Company's Registration Certificate copy (notarized)
5. Passport copy of company’s authorized person, certified by notary
Fee: 50,000 Tugrug


Market order

Market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the best available current price.

Limited order

A limited order is an order to buy or sell a stock at a specific price or better

- A client trades securities using a broker company which should be licensed by FRC. In order to buy securities on MSE, you have to prefund a sufficient amount before the trading.
- A client can give an order to the broker in person, by phone, by e-mail and by fax. If you give an order by phone, you have to submit the written and signed order form within 2 working days.
- The order form should be filled out by client with the stock ticker, quantity, price and time of the order placement.
- An order form will come into effect after the broker signs and stamps it upon receipt.

Order validity period

- Buy orders are valid for 26 working days
- Sell orders are valid for 78 working days
- Specified by a client



ACG is a member of MSE, and provides brokerage services of securities listed on MSE. As Mongolia is becoming more popular of its natural resources, there is a great tendency of increasing of interest from international investors in the capital market of Mongolia. There more 200 listed companies locally, and recently we’ve been experiencing increase in the trading volume, increase of trades done by foreign investors. Moreover, we expect that with Tavan Tolgoi IPO (the state-owned company owning one of the biggest coking coal deposit), and more IPOs of state-owned companies and listing of private conglomerates, the market capitalization will increase extremely. ACG is the first local broker to provide international trading service to our clients. Currently, we do trade equities on main international exchanges such as HKEX, London, ASX and NYSE on real-time basis.

Fixed Income

In the secondary market, AGC provides a wide range of investment products and trading services to institutional investors in the areas of government bond and corporate bond traded on MSE. Mongolian government bonds and local corporate bonds are with the highest yields in the world, and considered as the most efficient tools for clients’ capital growth


Ard Capital Group LLC has created an opportunity for customers to participate in derivatives trading on foreign capital market for the first time in Mongolia. Mongolia is expected to become one of the main suppliers of mining products to China’s market. Thus bringing the need for derivatives in the domestic market is increasing. We hope that Mongolian Stock Exchange and other related entities act on this need and develop domestic derivatives market in the near future.


With our own comprehensive database on capital market, we promote our research and market analyses through professional tools which in turn increase market transparency and help our clients make the right decisions. We do provide the following researches:
- market research
- listed company research
- macro and micro economic research
- international market research
- domestic market research
Moreover, we constantly organize a training for our clients on capital market and investment on every Saturday on the following topics:
- basic knowlage of stock market and securities
- fundamental and technical analysis
- trading psychology
- building up a portfolio
Concurrently, based on our ongoing extensive research, we plan to introduce Ard Capital group index as one of our key products.

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